Hollywood Stock Exchange Announces Its 12th Year Of Trading Nominees For The Academy Awards

Los Angeles, California, December 16, 2009 – Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX.com), the world’s most popular entertainment stock trading website, announces the launch of its 12th annual special trading event for predicting nominees ranging from Up In the Air with George Clooney to Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia versus Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side for Best Actress at  the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.[br] [br] HSX.com website users exercise their collective opinion by registering on stock market simulation, the Hollywood Stock Exchange, and trade NominOptionsSM. Users trade unique virtual securities where contenders vying for the ten best picture slots and five finalist contender positions for directing, acting and writing categories are listed. NominOptions allow HSX traders to buy and sell the hottest Oscar hopefuls in a dynamic, real-time, trading environment. The continuously updated share prices of the NominOptions provide predictions of the top 8 category Nominees picked by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. [br] [br] “HSX traders have uncanny accuracy in predicting who will hear their name read as a Best Director, Actor, Supporting Actor or Screenwriter nominee and which films will be selected for a chance at Best Picture,” said Alex Costakis, Managing Director of HSX. “Picking finalists from a field of hundreds of possibilities, HSX traders have achieved an 11 year average success rate of 82.1%. With this year’s diverse roster of possible nominees, HSX traders look to continue their outstanding trend in picking nominees,” concluded Mr. Costakis.[br] [br] NominOptions and Award Options are just two of the unique HSX trading opportunities offered surrounding award ceremonies and other special events throughout the year. HSX traders consistently beat polls and industry pundits in predicting the outcome of entertainment events.[br] [br] About the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX)[br] [br] Hollywood Stock Exchange® (www.hsx.com) is the world’s leading entertainment stock market. At HSX.com, visitors buy and sell virtual shares of celebrities and movies with a currency called the Hollywood Dollar®. The Company’s Virtual Specialist® technology allows an unlimited number of consumers to trade thousands of virtual entertainment securities in a fair and orderly, supply-and-demand-based market. HSX syndicates the data collected from the Exchange as market research to entertainment, consumer wwwuct and financial institutions and as original content to radio, television and print media. Founded in 1996, HSX is now a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald; L.P. HSX is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.[br] [br] About Cantor Fitzgerald[br] [br] Cantor Fitzgerald, a leading global financial services firm at the forefront of financial and technological innovation, has been a proven and resilient leader for over 60 years.  The Cantor Fitzgerald franchise includes institutional fixed income and equity sales and trading, investment banking, real estate private equity, and other businesses and ventures.[br] [br] Cantor Fitzgerald & Co. is one of 18 primary dealers authorized to trade U.S. government securities with The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Cantor Fitzgerald’s 1,400 employees serve clients through 36 locations, including major financial centers around the world in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and the Middle East. For more information visit aws-dev1.cantor.com.[br] [br] For additional information regarding the Hollywood Stock Exchange, please contact:[br] [br] Melanie Gordon-Felsman[br] mgordon@cantor.com[br] (212) 610 2314