Asset-Backed & Mortgage-Backed Securities

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Mortgage Trading desk includes 15 senior traders with a combined trading experience of well over 100 years. While having an active presence across a multitude of mortgage products in the secondary markets, Cantor also specializes in the creation of securities in the new issue arena. Our focus is client facilitation and broad based distribution, utilizing analytical modeling tools and loan performance resources. The success of the mortgage group is attributed to the deep knowledge and understanding of the fixed income markets, as well as the collateral underlying the mortgage securities. Cantor’s mortgage desk transacts in securities across the entire credit spectrum from higher rated Agency-backed bonds to subordinated tranches off private label shelves.
Mortgage products covered:
  • Agency Pass-Throughs (Full range of TBAs and Specified pools)
  • Agency and Non-Agency CMOs
  • ARMs
  • Mortgage Derivatives (IO/PO/Inverse/Inverse IO)
  • Commercial MBS
  • DUS paper
  • Consumer ABS (Autos & Credit Card)
  • Home Equity ABS
  • Whole Loans
Debt Capital Markets
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