Cantor Fitzgerald Announces Strategic Venture With EnerTech Capital In The Energy Technology And Cleantech Sectors

New York, NY – March 20, 2006 – Cantor Fitzgerald, & Co., a leading global financial services provider to the institutional equity and fixed income markets, today announced a strategic venture with EnerTech Capital, a relationship that will focus on creating value in energy technology and cleantech companies. [br][br]Long known as an innovator throughout the global capital markets, Cantor Fitzgerald is continuing its tradition of market leadership by expanding its presence in the “Clean Energy” economy. Clean Energy is a significant growth area of Cantor’s strategy as a global specialist financial services provider. Cantor combines transaction services, principal investing, and advisory services to the energy and technology markets, leveraging it’s existing core competencies in its investment banking and trading businesses. [br][br]Brent Lewis, Managing Director of energy and infrastructure investment banking at Cantor Fitzgerald, said, “Clean energy is an important pillar in our corporate strategy. Energy technology and cleantech are key components of this.” [br][br]Scott Ungerer, Managing Partner and Founder of EnerTech Capital, said, “We selected Cantor Fitzgerald as a strategic partner due to their leadership, experience, and track record in energy market transactions, energy technology, and global financial markets. Our relationship with Cantor will provide terrific advantages to EnerTech and its limited partners, helping us to maintain our leadership in our investment sector.” [br][br]About Cantor Fitzgerald, & Co.[br][br]Cantor Fitzgerald, & Co. is a leading financial services provider to the institutional equity and fixed income markets, with wwwucts and services including sales and trading, investment banking, asset management, market data, and market commentary. For nearly 60 years, Cantor Fitzgerald, a proven and resilient leader, has been committed to delivering a unique brand of unparalleled trading and distribution services, wwwuct expertise, innovative technology and customer service to its clients around the world. This commitment also extends to numerous philanthropic endeavors, including the firm’s pledge to donate 25% of the profits it would otherwise distribute to its partners through 2006 to benefit the families of the employees lost on September 11, 2001. For more information, please visit [br][br]About EnerTech Capital [br][br]Since 1996, EnerTech Capital has been in the business of helping entrepreneurs create companies focused on delivering highly profitable, differentiated energy technologies. It does so with the singular purpose of creating value – for its entrepreneurs and limited partners. Over the course of the Firm’s life it has managed two funds totaling $290 million and has invested in 44 energy and energy-related companies. With a proven track record of success, EnerTech is proud to be a leader in its sector. The Firm is headquartered in the Philadelphia suburbs with an office in Toronto. For more information, please visit [br][br]For further information, please contact: [br][br]Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.: [br][br]Marc Blazer Global Head of Investment Banking 212-829-4723 [br][br] [br][br]Brent Lewis Managing Director 212-829-7090 [br][br] [br][br]EnerTech Capital: [br][br]Wally Hunter Managing Partner EnerTech Capital 416-363-8563 [br][br] [br][br]Tucker Twitmyer Managing Partner 610-977-7605 [br][br] [br][br]Media Contact: [br][br]Michael Geller Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. 212-610-2430 [br][br]

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