CantorCO2e Announces The Launch Of The Social Carbon Company

Cologne, Germany (May 7, 2008) – CantorCO2e, LLC, a leading global financial services provider to the world’s environmental and new-energy markets, announces the launch of the Social Carbon Company. This unique new venture will provide advice and carbon management services to project developers in the Verified Emission Reduction (VER) market. The Social Carbon Company specializes in applying the Social Carbon™ methodology, a system of adding value to carbon credits offsets by quantifying a project’s contribution to sustainable development.

Laurence Rose, Chairman of CantorCO2e, said, “Our key objective in creating the Social Carbon Company is to help bring to market carbon emission offsets that not only meet independent verification tests, but reach or exceed the highest quality standards. The Social Carbon methodology allows us to execute this strategy and create proprietary wwwucts that we think will be unique in the marketplace.”  In addition, Rose said “by integrating a sustainability model, we will create additional economic value for project developers thereby enhancing overall value for our clients.

The voluntary carbon market, which is growing rapidly with increasing consumer consciousness of climate change, is open for innovation in quality.  In a market where legitimacy is becoming increasingly valued, Social Carbon™ provides a uniquely transparent way of demonstrating to buyers of VERs that with their purchase they are helping to improve the lives of communities in developing countries.  The Social Carbon™ methodology was developed and is owned by the Ecológica Institute, a renowned climate change research centre in the Amazon.  The Social Carbon Company implements carbon emission reduction projects in partnership with project developers leveraging its exclusive license to the Social Carbon™ methodology. 

Stefano Merlin, CEO of the Social Carbon Company was a founder of the Ecologica Institute and co-developer of the Social Carbon™ methodology.   Commenting on the launch, he said “We are currently involved in more than 60 projects in Brazil and are rapidly expanding our client base in Latin America.  We are excited by the possibilities of our partnership with CantorCO2e and have ambitions to bring the benefits of Social Carbon™ to projects all around the world”.

Steve Drummond, Co-CEO of CantorCO2e said, “We believe that Social Carbon™ is the next step in the evolution of standards in the voluntary carbon market, and has the potential to shape the future of compliance markets. Having contributed to the development of the principal standards in the voluntary market, I believe the Social Carbon methodology now brings a new dimension of true and ongoing sustainability to carbon projects.  I am excited to be able to implement this new vision through CantorCO2e’s global network.”

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About Social Carbon™

Social Carbon™ is a methodology developed by the Ecológica Institute ( that is founded on the principle that transparent assessment and monitoring of the social and environmental performance of projects improves their long-term effectiveness, and adds value to the VERs generated.  The methodology uses a set of analytical tools that assess the social, environmental and economic condition of communities affected by projects, and demonstrates, through continuous monitoring, the project’s contribution to sustainable development.  The methodology is also unique in that it is the only one of the commonly used carbon standards which was developed south of the equator.

A key element of Social Carbon™ is the active participation of the communities and stakeholders involved, taking account of the full potential of human and natural resources to help give projects stability and reduce risks. Applied every year of a project’s life, it confirms that project objectives are met and any problem areas identified on an ongoing basis.  This makes Social Carbon™ projects unique.

About The Social Carbon Company

The Social Carbon Company provides advice and carbon management services to project developers in the Verified Emission Reduction (VER) market.  It has exclusive rights to apply and license (worldwide) the Social Carbon™ methodology, and uses this to implement carbon emission reduction projects in partnership with project developers.  This unique approach to project development and sustainability has attracted significant attention.  The take-up of Social Carbon™ as an ethical basis for project development has rapidly grown across Latin America in the last eighteen months and more recently in the USA and Europe.  The current list of projects includes the transition from non-renewable native wood species as a fuel source to renewable biomass sources, reforestation, energy efficiency, landfill and small-scale hydro-electricity.   Social Carbon™ has also recently been used by the Benfica football team in Portugal as the basis of its commi™ent to emissions neutrality.  The agreement includes licensing of the Social Carbon™ brand, providing an ongoing contribution to the funding of the Ecológica Institute.

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About CantorCO2e

CantorCO2e is a leading global provider of financial services to the world’s environmental and new-energy markets, offering transaction and consulting services to clients engaged in using energy and managing emissions across the world.

CantorCO2e serves environmental credit buyers and sellers in all of the world’s principal emissions markets, including the Kyoto markets (CDM, JI and European emissions trading), the US compliance markets, and the voluntary carbon market.  We help entities transact via electronic trading screens, recorded telephone lines, auctions and negotiated contracts. We advise equity inves™ent funds on carbon finance, introduce investors to projects, and structure forward sales to enable project developers to fund their inves™ents. CantorCO2e is headquartered in London and San Francisco and has over 60 emissions trading professionals located in fourteen offices across five continents.  This global yet local presence, together with the unique experience of our staff, enables CantorCO2e to provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients.

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