Youssef Squali Comments: Cantor Fitzgerald Picks 6 Internet Stocks to Buy to Take Advantage of Market Turmoil

 January 08, 2016, TheStreet

Internet stocks had a mixed year in 2015, with companies like Netflix, Amazon and Alphabet surging 50%-to-100%, while Twitter, Alibaba and Yahoo! sunk as much as 40%. 

Large-cap Internet stocks generally performed better than smaller stocks in the sector and 2016 will once again become "a stock picker’s market," according to Cantor Fitzgerald. 

Cantor analyst Youssef Squali favors "high-quality names with identifiable catalysts at reasonable valuation," but stocks which have doubled like Netflix and Amazon, "will be challenged to show a repeat of 2015 in our view, considering raised expectations and current valuations," he wrote in a note on Thursday. (The analyst still rates the two companies at "buy.") 

Still with the market turmoil this week, Internet stocks underperformed. For the week through Jan. 6, the Cantor Internet Index fell 4.8%; meanwhile, the S&P 500 Index, which declined 3.5%. 

But Squali is still positive on several Internet stocks. "While it’s probably too early to call the bottom, we’d be buyers of quality names," Squali writes in a follow-up note to clients on Friday. 

Here are six Internet stocks favored by Cantor Fitzgerald. We’ve paired the list with ratings from TheStreet Ratings, TheStreet’s proprietary ratings tool for another perspective. When you’re done be sure to check out Bank of America’s stock picks that will make big moves over the next three months. 

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