ALS -New Treatment Paradigm with More MoAs on the Way?

Senior Biotech Analyst, Charles C. Duncan, PhD moderated “ALS -New Treatment Paradigm with More MoAs on the Way?” The panel featured Rob Etherington, President & CEO of Clene Nanomedicine, Stacy Rudnicki, VP Clinical Research & Therapeutic Area Lead of Cytokinetics, Steve Perrin, CSO of Eledon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Alon Ben-Noon, CEO of NeuroSense Therapeutics.

• Given the phenotypic and genetic heterogeneity of ALS patients, discussions focused on patient selection criteria and endpoint analyses that demonstrate the best treatment option for ALS patients

• There is a unique variety of MoAs among the therapeutics developed by the companies featured, from targeting muscle weakness to modulating immunoregulatory cells

• ALSFRS-R is not the only endpoint to consider – increased survival and improved QoL are another potential outcome to consider especially after the approval of RELYVRIO

• Biomarkers have become noteworthy, with one panelist demonstrating dose-dependent reduction in inflammation

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