Cantor Fitzgerald’s Neurology & Psychiatry Conference

Senior Biotech Analyst Charles C. Duncan, Ph.D., moderated “Broken Circuits – Modulating the Neuroendocrine Systems to Re-Establish Equipoise.” The panel featured R Scott Struthers, Co-Founder & CEO of Crinetics Pharmaceuticals and Rick Hawkins, Chairman & CEO of Lumos Pharma.

• Both panelists, Crinetics and Lumos, are developing oral small molecule candidates to replace the SoC of injections for acromegaly and pediatric growth hormone deficiency (PGHD), respectively

• SoC for both indications are considerably painful and reduce the quality of life, subjecting children (as young as two years old) to daily shots for several years and acromegaly patients to painful intramuscular injections that tend to last for up to a month

• Both panelists believe patients prefer daily oral therapies, which may drive treatment compliance and mitigate the burden of care

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