Where to Invest – Let’s Talk About What’s Topical in 2023+

Our next panel, “Where to Invest – Let’s Talk About What’s Topical in 2023+,” featured Dr. Azra Ashraf, Plastic Surgeon at Panache Plastic Surgery, Dr. Anna Chacon, MD FAAD, Dermatologist & Author, Dr. Fabrizio Galimberti, Assistant Professor at the University of Miami’s Department of Dermatology, Dr. Manual Jegasothy, Non-surgical Aesthetic Dermatologist, and Dr. Stephen Mandy, Physician & Owner of South Beach Dermatology. The panel was moderated by Cantor’s Jennifer Kim, Louise Chen, and Olivia Brayer.

• Most panelists did not see a slowdown in their practices despite the recessionary environment
• Some panelists switched a large percentage of their practices over to EOLS’ Jeuveau because they believe the product is equivalent to or even better than Botox in some aspects and the economics are attractive
• Some physicians on the panel were reluctant to use Revance’s Daxxify because of the extra training involved and their familiarity with Jeuveau and Botox
• One of the medical dermatologists noted that he thinks there is a place in the market for both ROIV’s Vtama and ARQT’s Zoryve

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