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Gain an edge via a renowned force in global equity markets.

Cantor Equity Capital Markets (ECM), established in 1965, has grown to become one of the largest and most recognized participants in the global equities arena. Our business is primary agency execution and matched principal transaction comprised of natural matches or executions for customers on equity exchanges. Matched off-exchange trading or institutional orders executed on exchanges have limited capital requirements. ECM generally does not have significant levels of inventory and therefore is not exposed to high levels of market risk. Cantor’s business model ensures third market liquidity, as successful third market trading is vital to the success of thinly traded middle market companies.

A leading third market off-exchange trading and execution business, Cantor prides itself on adding value to clients through informational content and insight across the capital structures. We bring unparalleled expertise and superior service to a global customer base of over 5,000 institutional customers, including: insurance companies, asset managers, Fortune 500 companies and middle market companies, investment advisors, regional broker dealers, small and mid-sized banks, hedge funds, REITs and specialty investment firms. ECM offers US investors access to non-US markets and non-US investors access to US markets. Its activities include institutional sales, over-the-counter and listed trading, portfolio trading, risk arbitrage sales and trading, convertible sales and trading, stock loan, equity research, and equity underwriting and advisory services.

The US and Europe are the two largest markets for ECM and the group is experiencing significant growth in Europe and Asia. In the US, ECM acts as a broker-dealer for institutional customers with primary focus on US equity products, executed for institutional customers primarily by three means:

  • Block crosses of exchange-traded equities in the third market
  • Execution of orders on national exchanges
  • Block transactions in the over-the-counter markets

Cantor US Equity research provides our clients with market insight by analyzing key drivers of stock prices, including company and industry fundamentals, capital market influences and overall economic trends. This focus includes life science and marine transportation.

In Europe and Asia, the business focuses on stocks in their respective regions. In Europe, we act as a broker in equity and equity derivatives for dealers and institutions worldwide and transact business for customers and our other entities. We act as clearing or non-clearing member of the London Stock Exchange, EUREX, Virt-x, Borsa Italiana S.p.A, EDX, XETRA, Euronext’s cash markets in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, Euronext’s derivative markets in London, Amsterdam and Paris, Euronext Liffe, BlueNext and ICE Europe. 

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