Asset Management

Asset Management

Discover attractive opportunities with Cantor Fitzgeralds growing asset management platform

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management provides investment management, asset management, and advisory services to investors in global equity, fixed income, multi-asset, real estate, infrastructure, and private market opportunities.

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management’s investment platform consists of mutual funds, interval funds, managed exchange-traded funds (ETF) portfolios, separately managed accounts (SMAs), unified managed accounts (UMAs), non-traded REITs, opportunity zone funds, 1031 and 721 exchange vehicles, and other private investment strategies. The experience and knowledge of our senior leadership and portfolio management teams combined with the financial services prowess of industry leader, Cantor Fitzgerald*, enable the delivery of a platform of solutions across a comprehensive range of capabilities.

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management’s specialized and robust client services model supports a global client base ranging from individual and high-net-worth investors to leading institutional investors.

Real Assets Expertise

The Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management real assets platform offers broad access to critical market data and research, enhanced ability for diligence and underwriting, and superior deal flow enabling the delivery of institutional-quality real assets investments to investors. Since 2008, Cantor Fitzgerald* has invested more than $2 billion in building its vertically integrated commercial real estate investment, finance and brokerage businesses providing unique insight into every phase of a real estate transaction. In 2022 alone, Cantor Fitzgerald completed approximately $118 billion of total real assets transactions and since 2018,1 and Cantor Fitzgerald’s global investment banking team completed approximately $25 billion of infrastructure transactions.

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management’s extensive knowledge and experience across real assets in private and public markets provide an information advantage that guides the development of all investment strategies. The current real assets and private markets platform includes interval funds, non-traded REITs, 1031 and 721 exchange vehicles, qualified opportunity zone funds, and other private placements and customized solutions.

* Cantor Fitzgerald refers to Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P., its subsidiaries, including Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., and its affiliates including BGC Group (NASDAQ: BGC) and Newmark (NASDAQ: NMRK).
1 Includes originated debt and non-originated debt placement transactions.

Real Assets and Private Markets

Cantor Fitzgerald Income Trust, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZCFIIX)

Cantor Fitzgerald Income Trust, Inc. is a publicly registered, non-traded, monthly-valued perpetual real estate investment trust that intends to acquire a diversified portfolio of stabilized income-producing commercial real estate and debt secured by commercial real estate and other real estate-related assets.  Learn More

Investing in shares of Cantor Fitzgerald Income Trust, Inc. involves a high degree of risk, including the risk that payment of distributions is uncertain and cannot be guaranteed, the risk that an investment in a non-traded REIT is not liquid, and the risk that stockholders may lose the entire amount of their investment.

Cantor Fitzgerald Sustainable Infrastructure Fund (NASDAQ: CFIIX)

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Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Strategies

1031 Exchanges, 721 Exchanges, and Delaware Statutory Trusts

A 1031 exchange is often used when an individual is looking to sell investment real estate in a tax efficient manner enabling the indefinite deferral of capital gains tax. A 721 exchange, on the other hand, allows the investor to exchange into the operating partnership of a REIT.

One way to conduct a 1031 exchange is by utilizing a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), which is recognized by the IRS as qualified replacement property. DSTs provide turnkey solutions to complete exchanges for investors who may not have the time, energy or the expertise to find and manage a replacement property, or for individuals seeking access to more institutional quality properties and management.

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management offers a variety of DST options comprised of institutional-quality properties for investors seeking a passive solution to satisfying their 1031 and/or 721 exchange. Cantor Fitzgerald has extensive experience managing a multi-billion dollar portfolio of DSTs.

Understanding DSTs  |  Understanding 721s.


Qualified Opportunity Zone Program

The Qualified Opportunity Zone Program, created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, is a tax-incentive program designed to encourage long-term private sector investment in designated communities known as qualified opportunity zones by offering certain tax benefits to investors through qualified opportunity funds.

Individuals and entities may invest short- or long-term capital gains generated from a wide range of assets into qualified opportunity funds (QOF). The potential tax incentives include the deferral of taxes owed, pass-through depreciation, and ultimately the elimination of future capital gains tax on any appreciation of the investment as well as the elimination of any depreciation recapture expense.

Cantor Fitzgerald and Silverstein Properties launched an opportunity zone partnership in early 2019 to invest in, develop, redevelop, and manage a diversified portfolio of institutional quality commercial real estate assets. The partnership manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of projects in various stages of development.

Introduction to Opportunity Zones  |  Tax Planning with Opportunity Zones

Equity Strategies

Growth and Core Equity

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, through its acquisition of Smith Group Asset Management, has a proven track record dating back to 1995 focused on the practice of capturing unexpected earnings growth. Strategies are offered via SMAs, UMAs, and mutual fund structures.

Cantor Growth Equity Fund (NASDAQ: FICHX)

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SMAs and UMAs

Cantor Smith Large Cap Focused Equity            Cantor Smith Large Cap Diversified Growth

Cantor Smith Dividend Growth Equity                  Cantor Smith Global Equity

Cantor Smith International Equity                         Cantor Smith Small Cap Focused Growth


Value and Income Equity

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, through its acquisition of Flippin, Bruce & Porter (FBP), has helped clients achieve long-term capital appreciation via a highly disciplined approach to value investing since 1985.

Cantor FBP Equity & Dividend Plus Fund (NASDAQ: FBPEX)

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SMAs and UMAs

Cantor FBP Equity & Dividend Plus

Cantor FBP Large Cap Value Equity

Cantor FBP Value Balanced

Multi-Asset Strategies

Managed ETF Portfolios

Cantor Fitzgerald Asset Management, through its acquisition of Efficient Market Advisors, constructs investment portfolios using lower cost exchange traded funds (ETFs). These portfolios are strategically allocated along the efficient frontier with a tactical overlay. The strategy is offered both through a traditional cap-weighted approach as well as with an environmental, social and governance construct. Efficient Market Advisors was among the first ETF-only managers with one of the longest audited track records having more than 19 years of performance history.

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Asset allocation and diversification strategies do not protect against market risk or loss of principal. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the underlying funds that make up the managed portfolios carefully before investing.


Cash Management

Cantor Fitzgerald Insured Cash ProgramSM (CF Cash)

CF Cash is a private label cash program administered by StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC.  For more information, please see the fact sheet below.

CF Cash Fact Sheet

Other Private Market and Customized Solutions

Curated and Customized Private Market Solutions

Cantor’s private markets and customized solutions enable high-net-worth and institutional investors to participate in various real estate, credit and infrastructure investments not available to most investors, including customized tax deferred real estate exchange solutions catered to each individual or institutional investor.

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