Cantor Fitzgerald’s Neurology & Psychiatry Conference

VP and Biotech Analyst Pete Stavropoulos, PhD moderated “Who to Target – Leveraging Biomarkers for Patient Selection in Neuro/Psych Clinical Trials.” The panel featured Amit Etkin, Founder & CEO of Alto Neuroscience, Adrian Adams, Chairman & CEO of Impel Pharmaceuticals, and Stephen O’Quinn, VP of Medical Affairs at Zynerba Pharmaceuticals.

• The panel focused on applications of precision medicine, from stratifying target patients to optimizing drug delivery

• Zynerba utilizes instruments that capture therapeutic benefit most meaningful to patients and clinicians in autism spectrum disorder, and a rescored version in Fragile X

• Alto has developed an extensive database comprised of EEG data in addition to cognitive and behavior biomarkers to match patients to a specific candidate from its pipeline

• Impel launched Trudhesa, a dihydroergotamine mesylate nasal spray that targets, not the lower nasal space as most migraine sprays do, but the upper nasal space for more predictable and consistent administration

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