Leukemia & MDS

“Leukemia & MDS” was moderated by Li Watsek and featured Dr. Rafael Bejar, CMO of Aptose Biosciences, Inc., Jim Dentzer, CEO of Curis, and Dr. Angelos M. Stergiou, MD,ScD hc, CEO of SELLAS Life Sciences Group, Inc.

• Aptose discussed its key asset, HM43239, and its potential for success in a wide range of patient subpopulations in AML. It discussed its strategy for FDA approval, starting with the most treatment-exhausted patients with FLT3-mutations experienced on FLT3-inhibitors, and finished by discussing different approaches for building combinations in order to move into front-line settings.

• Curis addressed the clinical hold of emavusertib, its IRAK4 inhibitor, and its current plan now that the hold has been resolved for both lymphoma and leukemia. With the safety profile reinforced and a larger patient denominator, it has plans to move full speed ahead in AML. Curis also touched upon its venture into R/R MDS, for which it will likely be setting benchmarks as there are currently no approved targeted therapies for that setting.

• SELLAS highlighted its lead candidate GPS, which targets a unique antigen – Wilms’ Tumor 1. It highlighted the market opportunity of GPS as a maintenance therapy in CR2 AML patients, as well as discussed the differentiating profile of its earlier-stage candidate, CDK9-inhibitor GFH009.

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