KOL Lunch – Cantor Fitzgerald’s Neurology & Psychiatry Conference

Senior Biotech Analyst Charles C. Duncan, Ph.D., hosted a KOL lunch with Dr. Carhart-Harris Robin, Ph.D., Professor in Neurology and Psychiatry and Director of Neuroscape’s Psychedelics Division at University of California, San Francisco.

• Discussions focused on how mental health illnesses are mainly diagnosed and monitored, components of psychedelic-supported therapies that drive therapeutic outcome, and research that Dr. Carhart-Harris would like to see in the future

• Mental health disorders are diagnosed through symptoms (clinician and patient-rated scales), but biomarkers that monitor how patients are progressing are receiving attention as well

• Components of psychedelic therapy, such as “set and setting” and psychotherapy after the session, could extend the durability of response

• Psychedelics themselves induce neuroplasticity and it is of great interest to Dr. Carhart-Harris to determine how long it remains, in addition to response/remission rates after re-dosing

• FDA approval of psychedelics-supported treatments is relatively close, as MAPS completed Phase 3 trials of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD, and we anticipate details on the Phase 3 design of COMP360 for TRD this week

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