Founded in 2012, Ad/Fin was established for providing digital advertising analytics, consulting and software services.


Aqua was established to provide systems and services for trading large orders of financial securities and bringing liquidity of brokers and institutions to the desktops of institutional investors.

Cantor Direct

Cantor Direct is a system and service designed to provide access to financial information and electronic connectivity for submission of financial trading orders.

Cantor Fitzgerald Capital

Cantor Fitzgerald Capital was established to provide financial investment and advisory services and distribution of assessment of financial securities in the field of real estate.

Cantor Fitzgerald Wealth Partners

Cantor Fitzgerald Wealth Partners was established for specializing in wealth management, investment strategies and financial planning services.

Cantor Morning News

Cantor Morning News is an online sales and trading commentary and newsletter for institutional clients regarding business and financial markets.

Cantor Viewpoint

Cantor Viewpoint provides investment research, commentary and in-depth analysis on various asset classes.


CCRE was established to provide innovative financing solutions to the real estate capital markets, including through originating competitively underwritten fixed-rate and floating-rate mortgages and mezzanine loans.


CFSecured, LLC, via its CFSecured brand, provides financing and custody services, including securities lending, repo, prime brokerage margin financing and fully paid lending to prime brokerage clients.

Controlled Equity Offering

Controlled Equity Offering was established to provide investment banking services and was designed to be a flexible equity offering vehicle that gives our clients the ability to sell shares from time-to-time by placing blocks of stock, or discreetly feeding demand in market neutral transactions.

Efficient Market Advisors

Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors, L.P. acquired the asset management businesses of Efficient Market Advisors, LLC in March 2017. Founded in 2004, Efficient Market Advisors was established for specializing in construction of proprietary investment strategies using lower-cost, tax-efficient, liquid and transparent exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Fintan Partners

Fintan Partners was established in 2005 to provide alternative investment management solutions and advisory services with a mission to partner with global institutional clients to accomplish their investment objectives.

Helix Financial Systems

Helix Financial Systems is a leading provider of securities finance and middle office software and services solutions to the asset management, securities lending, banking, sell-side and buy-side fixed income and equity trading communities.


Precision software and services give clients access to customizable financial trading algos for US equities, FX, and US Treasuries. Leveraging the latest innovations in software, networking and hardware, Precision provides traders the flexibility to execute as they need to and respond quickly to changing market conditions.


Rodin was established to provide real estate investment trust services, financial investment and advisory services, and to originate and invest in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate investments secured by properties located both within and outside the United States.

Smith Group Asset Management

Smith Group Asset Management was established to provide investment advisory and investment fund services.