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Environmental, Social and Governance


Building a future for the generations to come

At Cantor Fitzgerald Europe (CFE), we want to be a leading example of how to conduct business responsibly and sustainably. We aim to build upon our existing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework and deliver real and sustainable value for our stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

CFE actively strives towards the highest ESG standards throughout our organisation. In practice, this means constantly honing our operational efficiency measures. It also means providing first-rate client services and supporting the varying needs of our workforce.

Sustainability Statement


At Cantor Fitzgerald Europe (CFE), sustainability is a key driver of our engagement with clients and how we conduct business. We provide investment banking services to companies, as well as risk management, research, sales, and trading.

Our commitment to sustainability reflects the responsibility we have to our stakeholders — our clients, our employees, and local communities — to build long-term value. Our ability to do that depends on investing in our people, managing responsibly, and supporting local initiatives.

We run our business with a culture of collective accountability. We hold ourselves to high standards. As a responsible corporate citizen, CFE is committed to meeting the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism in every respect, without exception, and at all times.
Achieving our business goals is critical to our success. We also believe the way in which we achieve them is just as important.

Environmental Policy



We are focused on the environment and recognise the importance of treating our natural resources with the greatest respect, so that they are available to future generations. We also understand the potential impact of our business dealings on the health of the environment. That is why we encourage sustainable practices, and support strategies to maximise energy efficiency, recycle materials, and limit waste.

Our Commitment

The environment is essential for the prosperity of society, our business, and is the foundation for a sustainable and strong economy. We take seriously our responsibility for environmental stewardship and firmly believe we can create long-term value for our shareholders while serving the long-term interests of our clients through a robust Environmental Policy.

“We believe strongly in the responsibility of financial institutions to take leadership in addressing the risk of climate change, as well as the promotion of sustainable infrastructure in the markets in which we operate. Cantor Fitzgerald is committed as a firm to utilizing its strong position in the capital markets and financial innovation capability to expand climate and infrastructure solutions on a global basis.”

Hari Chandra – Investment Banking Managing Director

Our Team

Our team is a market leader in the Power, Energy, Infrastructure (PEI), and healthcare sectors. Our unique approach involves combining advisory and capital market expertise within our industry teams. This allows us to deliver tailored, product-agnostic advice to our industry clients and helps ensure they get the best possible results.

Cantor’s proven track record of expert advice is even more valued given the current backdrop of fast-paced, disruptive change. The transition from a carbon-intensive economy to a more sustainable world is one of the biggest structural changes to ever face the energy sector. Our team of Senior Bankers are experts in the industry and well placed to advise our clients on navigating this new environment

The PEI group remains one of the leading innovators and market leaders in renewables and sustainable infrastructure, where we are a global market leader. We have led some of the most innovative transactions in solar, wind, biofuels, water, energy efficiency, and smart utilities and as such, are a strong ESG partner and an advocate and friend to the environment.



Our Social Responsibility

“Companies should not have a singular view of securing profitability, with a need to find a balance between commercial and social responsibility. Enriching the community, our society & the environment will see us reap greater rewards in the future.”

Ian Salters – COO

At CFE, we are committed to our people and to the communities we live and work in.

For the people who work for us, we build employee support programs which incentivise and enable our staff to grow both professionally and personally. We want our employees to thrive within our company. This includes providing equity stock awards, and a host of employee benefits.

Crucially, we are committed to driving equal opportunity and greater diversity, both within and without our organisation.

Beyond our own business, we have a passionate commitment to community service and charity. Read on to learn how we give back and build better futures.

Never was our commitment to people so clear as on September 11, 2001. The devastating attack on our headquarters at the World Trade Center changed our lives forever. Within days, our CEO, Howard Lutnick, and our surviving employees and affiliates created the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund to take care of the families of the 658 colleagues and friends and 61 Eurobrokers employees who perished on that day.

We and our affiliates committed 25% of profits for five years and committed to pay for 10 years of healthcare for the families of those we lost.

Since 2001, our commitment to supporting people who need help the most has not wavered. Every year on September 11th, Cantor and its affiliates, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, commemorate the colleagues and friends we lost on September 11, 2001. This is Charity Day.

On this day, we donate our global daily revenue to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, which distributes these funds to over 150 charities worldwide. We welcome leading lights from the worlds of politics, entertainment and sports to our trading floors to help us raise as much money as possible.

Our unique way of creating something positive and life-affirming out of tragedy has raised approximately $180 million so far. Learn more about Charity Day here

CFE Modern Slavery Act Statement



Promoting Sound Governance

“Without sound governance, a firm’s culture, reputation, clarity of purpose and financial stability are all at risk. Hence it should be at the forefront of every good organization’s objectives and beliefs.”

Sean Capstick – CEO, Cantor Fitzgerald Europe

CFE actively strives towards the highest standards of governance throughout our organisation. We consistently assess and refine our processes to ensure our practices meet the ambitious goals and values our business stands for. We believe good governance is essential to our success, and the returns we deliver to our clients, investors, employees and the wider business community.


These disclosures are made on behalf of the Cantor Fitzgerald Services LLP (“CFS LLP”) consolidated group (“the Group”). The Group is a member of the Cantor Fitzgerald L.P. group, which is comprised of Cantor Fitzgerald L.P. (“CFLP”) and its subsidiaries. Contained within the CFS LLP consolidated group is Cantor Fitzgerald Europe (“CFE”). CFE, a subsidiary of CFS LLP and the operating entity of the Group, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”). It operates its own Board and Executive and Operating Committees to ensure good corporate governance across CFE.

Overall responsibility for the risk management of the Group, lies with the Board of CFS LLP (“the Board”). The CFE Board relies on the Risk Oversight Committee (“ROC”) and Audit Committee (“AC”) to provide recommendations on risk appetite, tolerance and strategy. In recommending the risk appetite, the ROC is responsible for reviewing and challenging the risk appetite methodology including the assumptions and models used in the methodology. The ROC is also responsible for ensuring the accurate and timely monitoring of capital and risk exposures and for reviewing reports on any material limit breaches and the adequacy of any proposed mitigation.

The CFS LLP and CFE Boards are responsible for implementing the risk-management framework in line with the Group’s strategic and operational goals, establishing a system of financial, operational and compliance controls and monitoring through risk management systems. The business is responsible for the identification and day-to-day management of risks.

Senior management, with the responsibility for overseeing the front- and back-office functions, are responsible for all control-related business issues and management of the issues in their business function, within the limits and control environment established by the Board. Through monitoring and reporting, the Risk Management department is responsible for ensuring the operational, credit and market risks are kept in line with risk appetite. For operational risk, this is accomplished by a range of interconnecting risk and control methodologies that are embedded throughout the Company.

As for credit and market risk, this is accomplished by establishing consistent standards, applying those standards in the assessment of counterparties and positions, adhering to delegated authority limits, and monitoring current and potential exposures after the execution of transactions.


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