Market Abuse Regulation: Valuations, Investment Recommendation History and Quarterly Statistics

On the 3rd July 2016 the Market Abuse Regulation (“MAR”) came into force in the United Kingdom. The regulation requires, among other things, that firms disclose to recipients of publications including investment recommendations certain information pertaining to conflicts of interest deemed to be relevant to making an investment decision. Cantor Fitzgerald Europe complies with this requirement by disclosing some of the required information on the publications itself and other information on Cantor Fitzgerald & Co website.

MAR Disclosures

Equity Research & Sales, Investment Company Research, and Tracker Quant Research

Debt Capital Market (DCM) Sales

Investment Company Sales

Cantor Active Markets

History of Investment Recommendations

Please click the relevant link below to view the history of investment recommendations made during the last 12 months for the relevant team:

Equity Research:


Equity Research Daily Commentary:


DCM Sales, Trading and Research:
Investment Recommendations

Investment Company Research:
Investment Company Recommendations

Investment Company Sales:
Investment Recommendations

Tracker Quants Research:
Investment Recommendations

Active Markets Sales:
Investment Recommendations

All documents are above password protected. Please contact for the password (which is subject to change periodically).

MAR Quarterly Report

As per the Market Abuse Regulation, we publish on a quarterly basis, certain information in relation to the proportion of buy, sell and hold investment recommendations made by Cantor Fitzgerald Europe.. See below: