Cantor Technology Conference 2023

Cantor Technology Conference 2023


Cantor Fitzgerald’s Technology Conference featured two days of insightful panel discussions, fireside chats, and 1x1s with leading companies and key opinion leaders in the Technology sector.

Panel discussions and fireside chats were moderated by the Cantor Tech Team.

Day One | June 14 – Featured public and private software companies

Day Two | June 15 – Featured public and private companies in the following tech sub sectors:

  • Mobility & Industrial Tech
    • (EVs, Supply Chain Automation, eVTOLs, Batteries, ALT Energy, Space Tech & more)
  • Prop Tech/Travel Tech

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2023 Cantor Fitzgerald Technology Conference Next-Gen Conversational AI Panel 

The 2023 #CantorFitzgerald Technology Conference kicked off with an engaging panel discussion featuring Nitesh Sharan, CFA, CFO of SoundHound AI, and Rob LoCascio, CFO of LivePerson. The panel was moderated by #Cantor’s Brett Knoblauch, CFA.

  • Nitesh and Robert dove into the history of AI, voice assistants, and the power of generative AI
  • Robert talked about how LivePerson’s AI capabilities are disrupting the customer service agent space, as they have implemented call summarization and agent assist, with further plans to implement voice AI to automate the voice track
  • Nitesh gave light to the capabilities of the SoundHound AI-powered voice assistant, such as smart ordering and smart TV capabilities. He sees a future where you will be able to order a coffee on your way to work just by speaking to your car
  • Both panelists delved into an insightful discussion about their pricing strategies, highlighting the complexities that arise when collaborating with diverse brands and incorporating third-party AI models
  • The panelists emphasized the importance of the “yin and yang” viewpoint of generative AI, the model, and the data set work hand in hand. They agreed that down the line, data sets will be the main asset of generative AI, and we might even see data roll-ups between companies utilizing AI models

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2023 Cantor Fitzgerald Technology Conference Evolv Technology Fireside Chat

Our fireside chat with Evolv Technology featured Peter George, CEO of Evolv Technology, and Mark Donohue, CFO of Evolv Technology. Cantor’s Brett Knoblauch, CFA moderated the chat.

  • Evolv is the leader in AI-based weapon detection, disrupting the physical security industry
  • Evolv’s management discussed their current penetration into key markets such as schools, professional sports stadiums (ticketed venues), industrial warehouses, and hospitals and their future plans for targeting these verticals
  • Evolv’s systems allow students, sports fans, and people alike to walk in through security at the pace of life, eliminating the institutional feel of physical security systems while also allowing for a more efficient entry process
  • Management discussed the pricing strategy of the Evolv Express, their flagship product, and their important channel partnerships, which are key for their go-to-market strategy

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2023 Cantor Fitzgerald Technology Conference Sports Technology Panel

The Sports Technology Panel featured Charles Scherr, VP of Capital Markets at Genius Sports, Drew Scheinman, Founding Partner of Brand Velocity Group, Dean Sisun, Co-Founder & CEO of Prophet Exchange, and Dan Porter, CEO of Overtime. The panel was moderated by Cantor’s Brett Knoblauch, CFA.

  • This panel delved into the fascinating convergence of sports and emerging technological transformations that are revolutionizing how fans engage with their favorite teams, challenging age-old traditions in the process
  • Genius Sports and Prophet Exchange highlighted the emergence of companies focused on sports betting and betting technologies, a nascent industry primed for opportunities with increasing legalization on the horizon and a largely untapped “in-play” addressable market in the United States
  • Dan Porter touched on how sports are a scarce commodity and on the importance of social media and technology as the new form of customer engagement and interaction in the sports universe
  • Drew Scheinman touched on what BVG looks for in an investment, specifically a sports investment. He emphasized BVG’s view of capital as a commodity and operational expertise as the real value-add of BVG’s team
  • The panelists engaged in a thorough discussion on the continuing adoption of emerging technologies in the sports industry and the importance of advertising and engagement through the lens of social media

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2023 Cantor Fitzgerald Technology Conference OpenAI Fireside Chat

Our OpenAI Fireside Chat featured Adam Goldberg, Account Director & Head of Azure OpenAI Enablement, GTM Team. This panel was moderated by Cantor’s Senior Analyst, Jonathan Ruykhaver.

  • OpenAI is seeing “red hot” inbound demands across the technology/SaaS sector and financial services, especially in banking/asset management
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT adoption is “wild”; customers are paying for the Plus and Business/Commercial versions of the product offering
  • Mr. Goldberg suggested real estate agents are a popular profession adopting ChatGPT as the product could help the agents write listings and administrative documents; ChatGPT was described as the “Swiss Army Knife” to agents
  • OpenAI treats data privacy and trust very seriously, and the company does not mine any customer data, as OpenAI isn’t in the advertising business like other large social media platforms. Morgan Stanley was cited by Mr. Goldberg as a recent ChatGPT customer win to support their wealth management advisors, which attests to the rigor of OpenAI’s data privacy and trust standards
  • High-quality data is the “new oil”; this is the input that will be used to train large language models

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