Equity Capital Markets

Gain an edge with one of the leading forces in global equity capital markets

Cantor Equity Capital Markets (ECM) was established in 1965 and has grown to become one of the largest and best-known participants in the global equity capital arena.

Our business is focused mainly on:

  • Primary agency execution
  • Matched principal transaction (natural matches and executions for clients on equity exchanges)

A low-risk approach to equity capital markets

Matched, off-exchange trading and institutional orders executed on exchanges require only limited capital commitment. As a result, ECM does not carry significant levels of inventory and we are never exposed to high levels of market risk.

Our business model also ensures third market liquidity and trading, which is vital to the success of thinly traded, middle market companies. We add further value for our clients by providing in-depth analysis and expert insights across a range of capital structures.

A global footprint

Cantor has a global reputation for its expert knowledge and unparalleled service. We have over 5,000 institutional clients across the world, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to middle market players. Our customers include: insurance companies, asset managers, investment advisors, hedge funds, as well as regional broker-dealers, small and mid-sized banks, specialist investment firms and REITs.

Cantor’s two largest markets are the US and Europe, but the group is also currently experiencing significant growth in Asia.

Our services are diverse and we’re active in: institutional sales, over-the-counter and listed trading, portfolio trading, risk arbitrage sales and trading, convertible sales and trading, stock loan, equity research and equity underwriting and advisory services.

United States

In the US, ECM acts as a broker-dealer for institutional clients where the focus is primarily on US equities, which are traded as follows:

  • Block crosses of exchange-traded equities in the third market
  • Execution of orders on national exchanges
  • Block transactions in the over-the-counter markets

In addition, our in-depth US Equity research provides clients with unique and exclusive market insights. This includes a focus on key drivers of stock prices, company and industry fundamentals, as well as capital market influences and overall economic trends.


In Europe, we act as a broker in equities and equity derivatives for global dealers and institutions.

We also act as a clearing or non-clearing member of the London Stock Exchange, EUREX, Virt-x, Borsa Italiana S.p.A, EDX, XETRA, Euronext’s cash markets in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, Euronext’s derivative markets in London, Amsterdam and Paris, Euronext Liffe, BlueNext and ICE Europe.

SEC Rule 605 most recent monthly and archived reports

SEC Rule 606 most recent monthly and archived reports
For additional information, please contact our compliance team: complianceny@cantor.com


Sales and trading capability in equity capital markets

Cantor’s Domestic Equities desk is one of the largest on Wall Street. Through our 125-strong equity capital markets team, we trade over $160 billion of securities each year on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges.

With our state-of-the-art execution capabilities, we provide institutional investors with a unique platform for trading blocks of stocks in a variety of market conditions.

Coupled with our extensive network of sales and trading professionals, and our global reach, this ensures that our clients benefit from:

  • Superior market making capabilities
  • In-depth market knowledge
  • Strong links to clearing houses
  • Low execution costs
  • Increased liquidity

For more information, please contact: equities@cantor.com


Full-service equity solutions for overseas institutional clients

Cantor’s International Equities group is a leading broker to institutional clients worldwide. With offices spanning the globe, we have capabilities in all major markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

We offer:

  • Exchange-traded equities
  • Over-the-counter cash equities
  • Equity and index options
  • Arbitrage
  • Program trading
  • Stock lending services

High liquidity, superior service

Our extensive global client base ensures superior liquidity as we are able to match and cross orders rapidly across multiple products and jurisdictions. This helps to increase speed and reduce transactional costs for our clients.

Our experienced International Equities team also works closely with our clients to develop successful trading strategies, aligned closely with their risk appetite and investment objectives.

For more information on International Equities, please contact: equities@cantor.com.

US Equity Research

Merging ideas, access and intelligence with our best-in-class execution platform

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Equity Research team provides research-driven insight for a broad array of investing strategies. Our U.S. Equity Research team covers approximately 200 stocks across three industry verticals that include Healthcare, Technology and Real Estate. Our approach enables us to provide in-depth and objective industry knowledge to help clients make important investment decisions.

Our analysts actively seek out companies to cover that enable us to provide the highest level of intellectual capital to our clients through our in-depth written research and corporate access services. We are continuing to grow our research footprint and building on the current portfolio of stocks already under coverage. Our current industry specializations include:

  • Healthcare
    • Biotechnology
    • Healthcare Facilities & Services
    • Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT)
    • Healthcare REITs
    • Life Science Tools & Diagnostics
    • Managed Care
    • Medical Technology
    • Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    • Industrial
    • Lodging
    • Manufactured Homes
    • Multifamily
    • Self-Storage
  • Technology
    • FinTech
    • Internet & Media
    • Outsourcing
    • Professional Services
  • Small Cap Opportunities
    • Equities between $100 million and $3.5 billion market cap

To access our current coverage list, please visit: Cantor U.S. Equity Research Reports.

For more information on Cantor Fitzgerald Equity Research, please contact EquityResearchSales@cantor.com


A differentiated approach

Cantor’s equity derivatives desk provides trading, strategic and execution services for: hedge funds, family offices, pension funds and other large institutions, as well as to liquidity providers.

Working with our options execution desk, we offer derivatives strategies in a number of areas. These include:

Index, macro and sector ETF options

Combining highly ranked macro/quantitative analysis with extensive options knowledge, our team creates customized and actionable trading strategies for index, macro and sector ETF options.

These are designed to outperform traditional alternatives of the same notional value. In addition, we work with our clients to manage the strategies until maturity.

Single stock options

We also provide customized, sector-specific ideas in healthcare, TMT (technology, media and telecom), retail and other verticals.

Healthcare is a particularly strong field of expertise for Cantor and we see extensive options flow in this area.

We also provide strategies on event-driven special situations. These can include corporate events, restructurings and earnings releases.

For more information on our derivative products, please contact: equities@cantor.com

Convertibles & Structural Credit

A global leader in equity capital markets

Cantor trades and markets a broad range of convertible and equity-linked securities across the globe.

We use extensive fundamental and quantitative analysis to develop strategies and solutions that help our clients outperform the market.

We focus on:

  • Convertible securities — These include: convertible bonds and notes, exchangeable bonds and notes, units consisting of a combination of debt, preferred stock, common stock and warrants, and mandatory convertible structures.
  • Equity warrants — This comprises: traditional and covered warrants, warrants issued in bankruptcy reorganizations, and healthcare and biotechnology warrants.

For more information, please contact the Convertible and Structural Credit Group at: equities@cantor.com

Portfolio Trading

Flexible strategies, automated execution 

Cantor’s Portfolio Trading Group assists institutional investors with their equity portfolio transactions. We do this by offering sophisticated trading strategies along with automated electronic execution.

Our advanced analytics and quantitative system is underpinned by an extensive liquidity network. This can help reduce transactional costs, whilst improving portfolio performance.

Algorithmic electronic trading

  • Impact-driven strategies
    • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price): Allows for trading versus the VWAP during a specified time period
    • TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price or Flat Curve): Allows for trading versus the TWAP during a specified time period
    • POV (Percentage of Volume): Provides order execution as a percentage of defined volume
    • Ramp: Offers the opportunity to work stock into the close or attempt to beat the close, increasing order size and participation rates as time elapses
  • Cost-Driven strategies
    • Implementation shortfall: Takes into consideration opportunity cost and timing with respect to market volatility
  • Opportunistic strategies
    • Adaptive: Traders are not bound to any rigid parameters, but can remain nimble while responding to changing market conditions
  • Online analytical and portfolio tools
    • Pre-trade: Impact forecasting, in-depth risk measurement and stock specific analysis
    • During trade: Online, trade-by-trade execution details, summary statistics, and graphs of transactions executed throughout the trading day
    • Post-trade: Portfolio execution comparison against a wide variety of benchmarks and highly customizable report generation

For more information on Portfolio Trading, please contact: cantorPT@cantor.com or call 888-298-5131

Risk Arbitrage

Sourcing and exploiting large-scale opportunities in M&A

Cantor’s Merger Arbitrage / Event desk offers market making, execution and research for institutional equity clients whose focus is on global mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

We specialize in:

  • Mergers
  • Tenders
  • Stub trades
  • Spinoffs
  • Liquidations
  • Collar transactions

Leveraging decades of experience, we also generate event-driven investment ideas in equities.

For more information on Risk Arbitrage, please contact: equities@cantor.com

ETF Solutions Group


Experience in charting new frontiers of liquidity

Cantor ETFs is part of Cantor Fitzgerald, a premier global financial services firm, focused exclusively on ETFs and related products.

Advanced execution

We deliver outcomes.

The Cantor ETF team has expertise in designing methodologies aimed at achieving optimally executed trades based on our Advanced Execution meeting liquidity, scale, speed and anonymity challenges.


Liquid enough: ETFs are a useful tool, not a liquidity miracle.

Liquidity is a consistent topic in the press, among financial advisors, authorised purchasers and ETF traders. This paper addresses the recent media hypotheses specifically concerning high yield bonds and the ETFs tracking their various indices.


Cantor ETFs strives to be a global thought leader and ETF Innovator, bringing together world-class minds who are willing to share their expertise. Each invitation-only institution event incorporates thought leaders from across our ecosystem.

Learn about our next topic and where our next event will be held.

Contact us

New York City
New York, 110 East 59th Street, New York, NY, 10022
212 938500

1 Churchill PL, Canary Wharf, London, UK E14 5RB
+44 207894 7000

Hong Kong
Hong Kong, 6707-6712 The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
+852 3477 7899


Best in class execution

Cantor’s Broker-Dealer Trade Executive Group provides retail broker dealers with a quality trade execution service for both national market system (NMS) and over-the-counter (OTC) orders.

Hybrid execution model

Cantor’s flexible and innovative model combines advanced electronic trade execution with dedicated ‘human’ interaction. This ensures that our retail clients experience an efficient, one-stop trading service.

Our offerings include: 

    • NMS
      • Best in class execution quality and service
      • High performance and scalable electronic trading platform
      • Oversized orders actionable by traders at your discretion
      • We cover all order types, including: Held, Non-Held, Limit, Stop, MOO, MOC, AON, VWAP, TWAP
      • Execution capabilities on any US listed security — including NASDAQ, NYSE, and ETF securities
    • OTC
      • Best in class OTC (US and ADR) execution quality and service with mid-point pricing when possible
      • Market maker in over 7,000 OTC securities
      • Full service OTC ADR and ordinary trading desk
      • 24-hour execution capability in 44 countries
      • Ability to trade any order, including: BB, Pink, Grey’s, Unsolicited, ADRs, Ordinaries (including overnight) and settle in US $ or local currency
      • We cover all order types: Held, Non-Held, Limit, Stop, MOO, MOC, AON, etc.
      • Free quote report and focus list available and ability to preference specific names

For more information on the Broker Dealer Trade Executive Group, please contact: equities@cantor.com

Market Intelligence

Insights from a market leader

Cantor’s Market Intelligence Group publishes a number of award-winning daily reports designed to help portfolio managers, sector traders and analysts make quality trading decisions.


Sector bulletins

We also publish sector-specific daily bulletins such as Consumer@Cantor. These focus on an individual industry or vertical, and provide breaking news, trading insights and upcoming event information throughout the day.

To be included on our publication distribution lists, please contact your Cantor salesperson.