Cantor Ventures

Cantor Ventures is the venture capital and enterprise development arm of Cantor Fitzgerald, which has over 75 years of expertise in providing capital raising and advisory services to growth oriented companies.

Cantor Ventures invests in companies focused on the development of innovative, technology-centric products, services and marketplaces. As an active business partner, Cantor Ventures guides and accelerates growth for businesses across multiple industry verticals. Active investments include and Ritani.

Cantor Ventures has a particular interest in industries where there is an opportunity to leverage Cantor’s decades of operating experience and institutional knowledge in organizing marketplaces and scaling businesses.

The team looks to invest in companies and business ideas that leverage technology to realize economies of scale and scope both within and across industries.  Capitalizing on Cantor Fitzgerald’s reputation as a pioneer in technological innovation within the financial services industry, Cantor Ventures endeavors to invest is businesses that are at the forefront of change in their respective sectors.

Cantor Ventures takes an active role in developing early stage businesses into successful companies, from inception to maturity, bringing to bear Cantor’s decades of experience in spawning new businesses and technologies. As an active partner, Cantor Ventures can provide business access to services provided by Cantor, including corporation formation, intellectual property and hosting, among others.

Cantor Ventures recognizes that each new business brings with it a unique purpose with unique characteristics. By disregarding venture capital trends, Cantor Ventures promotes an environment in which entrepreneurs can build companies of measurable impact.

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