HelixREPO, founded in the 1980’s, began as a simple, in-house application built for the computers with glowing green monitors to fix an archaic transaction system that was paper based and prone to error. Now it has evolved into an integrated trading, sales and administrative application. With HelixREPO’s unique hierarchical structure – made-up of “holding companies”, “legal entities” and “trading ledgers”- you can filter the exact information you need onto your desktop. The technology has changed dramatically in the past two decades since, and Helix’s offerings have expanded from repo to the entire fixed income industry.

Traders, salespeople and support personnel can all benefit from this system. Traders can execute, pend, modify trades, review and monitor positions in real time and manage their risk.  Sales people can enter pending trades, perform bulk rate exchanges, re-prices and close-outs by counterparty and monitor counter party exposure and credit limits. Support personnel can cancel and correct trades, substitute collateral, build customized accounting and position reports. No other systems combine this level of the functionality and flexibility in meeting the Repo’s desk front and middle office needs.

Former traders continue to make up a larger part of the development team, and request from clients still drive nearly all upgrades and enhancements. The relationship between business users and software developers is stronger than ever. Today, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., Helix Financial Systems (formerly known IDT Horizon) has unparalleled access to some of the industry’s most experienced Fixed Income professionals, making our products the best adapted and most flexible tools in the marketplace.

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