US Treasury Securities & Interest Rate Products

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Interest Rate Desk makes markets in all US Treasury products, including Treasury bills, notes, bonds, strips, floating rate notes and inflation protection securities (TIPS) and well as provides economic and market insight.

As one only 22 Primary Dealers, we have a valued relationship with the Federal Reserve and US Treasury including the ability to bid directly in all Treasury bill, note, bond and TIPS auctions, participate in all Fed Operations and provide flow and market commentary. Our dedicated page, CFFI, and multi-dealer-platform on Bloomberg, FIT, ensure that our clients receive superior, fast, and accurate electronic trade execution for all of US Treasuries transactions.

Cantor combines its exceptional idea generation and execution to provide its clients with a multitude of innovative interest rate solutions in the following areas:

  • Yield Curve Trading
  • Relative Value Trading
  • Basis Trading
  • Technical Analysis


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