2023 Cantor Global Healthcare Conference – TGTX, CRNX, CLDX, MLTX, EDIT, RAPT

Following an insightful first morning, the afternoon continued to unfold with a series of engaging presentations by company leaders. Notable moments from the afternoon sessions included:

• TG Therapeutics, Inc. (#TGTX) | Moderated by Prakhar Agrawal – Michael Weiss (CEO) provided an update on Briumvi’s launch in Multiple Sclerosis.

• Crinetics Pharmaceuticals (#CRNX) | Moderated by Charles C. Duncan, Ph.D. – R Scott Struthers, PhD (Founder and CEO) discussed the P3 PATHFNDR-1 results of paltusotine in acromegaly, potentially enabling a treatment paradigm shift from injectable SoC to oral agents.

• Celldex Therapeutics (#CLDX) | Moderated by Kristen Kluska – Anthony Marucci (President and CEO), Dr. Diane Young (SVP and CMO), and Dr. Diego Alvarado (Executive Director, Research) outlined Celldex Therapeutics’ clinical results in mast cell-driven diseases and upcoming data readouts.

• MoonLake Immunotherapeutics (NASDAQ: MLTX) (#MLTX) | Moderated by Prakhar Agrawal – Members of the MoonLake management team (CEO, CFO, CSO) provided their views on Sonelokimab prospects in Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) and other IL-17 relevant indications.

• Editas Medicine (#EDIT) | Moderated by Rick Bienkowski, Ph.D. – Baisong Mei, MD PhD (CMO) and Erick J. Lucera (EVP & CFO) discussed recent clinical progress made in Editas’ sickle cell disease gene editing program and provided his most recent thoughts on the emerging competitive landscape for one-time treatments in sickle cell.

• RAPT Therapeutics (#RAPT) | Moderated by Prakhar Agrawal – Brian Wong (President & CEO) provided an update on oral CCR4 antagonist RPT193 potential in large inflammation indications such as Atopic Dermatitis (AD) and Asthma.

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