Diverse MoAs in Depression Don’t Make Us Depressed

Vice President and Biotech Analyst, Pete Stavropoulos, PhD, hosted the panel “Diverse MoAs in Depression Don’t Make Us Depressed,” featuring Mark Jacobson, COO of Axsome Therapeutics, Inc., Chidu (Nachiappan) Chidambaram, VP of Product Development at Lipocine Inc., Robert Eric Besthof, Head of Operations & CCO of NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Stephen L. Huhn, MD, FAANS, CMO of Pipeline Therapeutics.

• Key takeaway from the panel is there remains a high unmet need in depression for new therapeutics that are not just serotonergic

• Panelist participant, Axsome, recently saw the approval of AUVELITY, which is a big leap forward as it is glutamatergic

• The panelists also discussed the importance of choosing the right investigators and patients for clinical trials in patient populations with large heterogeneity, such as depression

• Looking ahead, the panelists would like to see the development of biomarkers which can better enable our understanding of depression to develop more targeted therapeutics

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