2023 Cantor Global Healthcare Conference – ORIC, ALEC, AXGN, CCLD

The final day of the 2023 #Cantor Global Healthcare Conference was off to an impressive start with featured panelists:

• ORIC Pharmaceuticals Inc. (#ORIC) | Moderated by Prakhar Agrawal – Jacob Chacko, M.D. (CEO) provided a detailed overview of their three oncology assets (PRC2 in prostate cancer, EGFR/HER2 exon 20 drug, CD73 in multiple myeloma.)

• Alector (#ALEC) | Moderated by Pete Stavropoulos, Ph.D. – Arnon Rosenthal PhD (Co-Founder & CEO) discussed possibilities for the company’s AL002 TREM2 program in Alzheimer’s and other pipeline programs.

• axogen (#AXGN) | Moderated by Ross Osborn, CFA – Pete Mariani (EVP and CFO) shared his thoughts on the peripheral nerve injury space, and how AxoGen’s products improve on the current SOC with its commercially available nerve allograft.

• CareCloud (#CCLD) | Moderated by Sarah James – Bill Korn (CSO) and Larry Steenvoorden CPA MBA (CFO) discussed the growing role of AI in healthcare.

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