2023 Cantor Global Healthcare Conference – PLRX, AFMD, AUGX, CGEM, ARVN

Day three of the 2023 #Cantor Global Healthcare conference finished strong with compelling panels featuring distinguished company leadership. Highlights included:

• Pliant Therapeutics (#PLRX) | Moderated by Pete Stavropoulos, Ph.D. – Bernard Coulie (President & CEO) and Eric Lefebvre (CMO) discussed the company’s integrin inhibitor bexotegrast and data from the P2 INTEGRIS-PSC study in primary sclerosing cholangitis announced earlier this week.

• Affimed (#AFMD) | Moderated by Li Watsek – Angus Smith (CFO) discussed the latest developments in harnessing the unique characteristics of NK-cells to treat cancers with high unmet needs.

• Augmedix (#AUGX) | Moderated by Sarah James – Paul Ginocchio, CFA (CFO) discussed the growing role of AI in healthcare.

• Cullinan Oncology (#CGEM) | Moderated by Li Watsek – Nadim Ahmed (President and CEO) discussed the company’s unique modality-agnostic approach to treating cancers with high unmet needs.

• Arvinas (#ARVN) | Moderated by Li Watsek – Sean Cassidy (CFO) and Ron Peck (CMO) discussed the therapeutic potential of PROTACs and protein degradation in combatting breast and prostate cancers.

We extend our gratitude to all the featured companies and panelists for their invaluable contributions and profound insights at this year’s Global Healthcare Conference.

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